Luxurious Sport

Was it the sophisticated beauty, luxurious sport or the elegant accommodations that drew you into driving a Mercedes? However many reasons you have to buy one we have the same number of reasons why we love to work on them. 


If you own a Mercedes S-class, you know that when you get behind the wheel its immediately apparent how solid it feels and the grace it has managing all of its power. Our team will ensure your Mercedes looks and feels just as it did before the damage.

Mercedes-Benz Quality Repair

We only use the highest grade of paint available for all of our repairs. We stand behind our work for as long as you own your car with a Lifetime Guarantee. We can only do that if we use the best materials from start to finish. Some shops use cheap undercoats, inferior primers, and sealers to save money. We will not sacrifice quality to save a few bucks, not if we’re putting our name on it. Superior color match and overall “factory fresh” appearance is only a part of a quality repair.