Driving Machines

Today’s BMW aka Ultimate Driving Machines are being manufactured with carbon fiber, aluminum and high strength steel. This can make it challenging to perform the proper repairs. Our team has the tools and resources to stay up to date with the latest training and technology.  We have years of experience repairing all models of BMW and can get yours back to pre-accident condition.

A Total Loss?

When this BMW X6 had arrived it appeared to be a total loss. We were glad to hear the driver was okay and the major problem left was to figure out what to do with this BMW X6. The insurance company did their initial estimate and asked that we disassemble it to find any hidden damage. Once we dismantled it enough to write a thorough estimate, we shared it with the insurance company and client. It was a low mileage vehicle and the insurance company and client decided to repair it. Naturally, our team was up for the challenge!

BMW Color Match and Detail

The major challenge we had faced with this repair wasn’t the hundreds of things we had to keep track of like nuts, bolts, screws, and parts or actually even performing the repair itself, it was waiting for the parts! Some of the parts had to come from BMW in Germany. Our team did a great job on this one and the client was happy to finally get his X6 back.